Top quality Checkbooks Covers - top tear-side tear checkbook covers - 2 solid pockets checkbook covers & Universal checkbook covers, Debit Cards Holders, Pocket Calendars, Debit Key Tags, Acrylic Key Rings, Luggage Tags, Book Marks, Brag Books,Blank Tumblers and Mugs. Design your covers with scrapbook supplies, handmade papers, embellishments, fabric, embroidery, monogram. Inserts for your covers include: Checkbook Registers,Address Books,Pocket Calendars, Debit Registers, Mini Address Books,Large Print Low Vision Registers and Note Pads. Also available are Wallet Photo Inserts to fit your Debit Card Holder and your Checkbook Covers. All items are great with scrapbook supplies,scrapbook papers, embellishments, kiwi paper, fabric and for embroidery.

All items make great gifts and fund-raising items that can be personalized with any design of your choice.


All pre-designed covers are Hand Crafted and not licensed items. Many have fabric inserts so the patterns may vary depending on the way the fabric is cut.

Current Monthly Special

Business Card Calendars

product image
2016 Business Card Calendars
Includes Nov & Dec 2015 and all of 2016.
White vinyl header to hold your business card.
Measures 4 inches wide by 2 1/2 long.
The calendar pocket measures 3 x 2 1/2.
Standard business card size.
Put on Computers - NO worry NO magnetic strip!!
Auto Calendar- Stick up - Business Card Stick Up Calendar.
Insert you business card in the pocket or put your own designs or pictures inside.
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